How to Better One’s Diet Plan?

The only true way a person can have the healthiest body and a healthy diet is by having good willpower to resist the temptation of junk food. NO! You don’t have to throw everything out the window and eat salad and fruits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 12 months a year. Not really. What you do need though is a strategy; small changes in your daily lives can help you maintain a class body and an A-class diet plan. 

Instead of just thinking, “today I am going to start eating healthy” or “I will skip lunch and dinner today” or even “Nothing but coffee for breakfast, amazing diet.” No, it isn’t amazing at all. Skipping meals or suddenly declaring I am going to eat healthy from now on will never help you or support your good diet plan. When people say ‘small things matter’ they do. It is the small things that add up together and make your life healthier. In this article, we will take about some of the minor changes one can make in their daily lifestyle and gain a great healthy body for a lifetime.  


What you need to do is plan your meals, how? Simple, wite down every day what you are going to eat. Go for a healthier option, something that fulfills you and provide a lot of nutrients for your body. Remember to always have a sort of protein in your meals, protein gives us the feeling of fulfillment and is very important for our body as they make up our muscle mass. Protein also helps in recovering or further strengthening our tissues and cells. Protein also provides immense energy for us. 

For breakfast, make sure you have something that is fulfilling and will help you kick start your day. Often a good option would be organic oatmeal or eggs. 

For lunch take something with fruits. Maybe a fruit salad bowl with bread pieces or an egg avocado sandwich or maybe even a tuna sandwich and so on. Make sure the bread you use is whole-grain instead of refined because whole-grain bread provides so many nutrients, we can’t even imagine. 

For dinner, it is better to have something slow-cooked or baked, for example, baked chicken breast with some salad or slow-cooked steak. Perfect dinner. Instead of taking a carbonated drink, try opting for water as sugary drinks provide a lot of calories to the body and might increase your weight and ruin your perfect diet plan. 

In the middle of main meals, try having smaller but healthier snacks, for instance, you can have a banana or an apple between lunch and dinner or between breakfast and lunch, you can opt for greek yogurt (it is better if it’s non-flavored). Having snacks is a good thing, just make sure they are healthy and provide you nutrients instead of just simple calories. 


You go to your doctor or one of your neighbors tells you that you better stay hydrated in the summer, why? 

Some of the most common reasoning that is provided: 

Firstly, it flushes out all the waste and dirt within your body. Secondly, it also helps you control or regulate your body temperature. And lastly, it helps and supports your brain to function properly. 

These are common reasons why you should always stay hydrated. But how does water makes our health better other than these reasons? 

There is a common misconception about drinking water during a meal. Well let me explain, you can and should drink water more in the start and a little less in the end but you should, because water helps you break down the food particles into smaller bits and smaller size which helps your digestive system in digesting the food just right. 

There is a study that shows most people gain weight is because their food is not broken down in smaller pieces thus the body cannot absorb the nutrients from the food and the digestive system cannot digest it properly. 

Water helps break down the food into smaller particles and the body can equally absorb the nutrients when the particles are smaller. 

Another amazing feat to water is because it has no fats and helps you stay fresh, water is the best liquid you could ask for if you want to lose weight. Drinking aids or tea or coffee or whatever may help but not more than freshwater. 

Water also gives you a boost of energy, you have often wondered when we wake up, we most often than not require a glass of water. It wakes us up and gives us a boost to start our day. 

Water also keeps our skin bright and shiny. Who doesn’t like shiny? The reason our skin becomes soft and shiny when we drink enough water regularly is that it promotes the production of collagen in our body which protects our skin and cleanses it. 

The best way to stay hydrated or measure your total amount of water intake in a day is by keeping around a 3-liter water bottle with you. You can drink water whenever and you finish it before you go to sleep. 

3 liters to 3.2 or 3.3 liters of water a day is a good amount. So, keep a bottle with you and ensure and force yourself to finish it. Make a habit it will reward you for a lifetime of a healthy body. 


Now, everyone except work out enthusiasts, hate this word. Exercising in our free time is so irritating. But it is only so because we make it that way. 

Exercise does not mean you have to go for a ten-mile run. 

You just need to exercise. There always a strategy for everything. You don’t just stand up and start running. That is never the exercise you want. You do not require a giant park or walkway for exercise. You do not even have to leave the house for exercise. 

The best way to get perfect exercise is to keep moving for a certain period. Slowly build up your heart rate, stay on high heartbeat for some time, and then slowly bring it down again. 

For example, you have some free time before dinner. Start exercising for 15 minutes in total. Start with a slow walk, then fast-paced walk and some other exercising forms like knee lifts or kickbacks, and then go back to slow pace. Just in 15 minutes, you will have burned enough calories to keep your body fit. 

You don’t have to exercise all 7 days a week but instead, keep it 5 and do it between breaks or whenever you have free time. You do not need to settle a permanent routine for exercise, rather just do it when you have time. Keep it from 15 – 20 minutes long and there you go. A perfect way to stay healthy and have a great body. 


Many people around the world have a deficiency of very common and very important vitamins. For instance, around 45% of the world population have a deficiency in Vitamin D. 

Vitamin D is very important for our immune system and our bones. It is fat-soluble. 

The most amount of Vitamin D is found in fatty-acid seafood. An omega-3 fatty acid is another nutrient that most people lack and it is found in seafood in bulk amount. Omega-3 provides so much to our body and health, it helps in reducing anti-inflammation, enhances our brain’s functionality, and maintains our heart health. 


A great way to maintain amazing health is by eating the greens. No, it does not mean you have to eat grass and 24/7 but eat fresh greens. Eat a salad before you go for your meal because you are hungry and you will be able to finish your greens this way. 

Eating salad or greens before your meal will lead you to eat a fewer and healthier number of calories in total, which will also result in weight loss. 

Another amazing fact about your veggies before a meal rich in carbs, it controls the level of sugar in our blood. 

Green veggies are the best for people with diabetes as it helps the absorption speed of the carbs in our bloodstream. It slows down the speed which will result in both short- and long-term blood sugar control. 


At the end of the article, let me tell you, to have a better and healthier lifestyle you need to make some minor but impactful changes in your diet and the way you live your life overall, instead of making a major but rather fruitless change. 

You need to work on something you know you will stick to it instead of something that you will work on for two days and then get tired of it. 

It is always better to start making small changes as soon as possible before it gets too late or you come to the point where it is very difficult to make a change.